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Welcome to Fanta Sex Toys, a site that will please all your naughty ideas and libidos!

As self-style geeks, our intention is to change the stigma and taboo that surrounds sex toys in India by re-imaging them as sexual wellness product. Combining the mindset of today’s generation with sex toys, we are presenting a remarkably entertaining and pleasurable collection in front of you.

We believe a sex toy in India shouldn’t just be a tool to please you in bed. It should be fun, visually pleasing and brings health benefit in an indirect way. Our company works on the same principle and strives for customer satisfaction continuously. Fanta Sex Toys is based in India and we ship all over India with utmost punctuality and confidentiality.

Our Mission

To erase taboos concerning self-sexual pleasure by introducing fun, happy and entertaining sex toys for women and men across India through our online store.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most favored adult online store by providing 100% customer satisfaction through our quality products, unbeatable prices, user-friendly interface, timely delivery and responsive after sales service.

Fanta Sex Toys has a modest base of customers that covers the entire county from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata to Chennai and all the major cities. Our online sex shop caters to customers from all across the country. We showcase a wide variety of adult toys India for sale at affordable prices. Fanta Sex Toys offers best price guarantee on sex toy vibrators India, dildos, lingerie, masturbators, washable condoms, lubricating gels and other fun toys. We list products that are made of quality materials and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.

If you ask why you should buy Sex Toys Online from us, we have a long list in our support:Wide range of collection that you won’t find in physical retail outlets

  • Wide range of collection that you won’t find in physical retail outlets
  • Website with Secure Sockets Layer
  • Discreet packaging and shipping policy
  • Guaranteed door-step delivery on time
  • Multiple and safe payment gateways
  • User-friendly website

Thus, with us, you can experience a wholesome, confidential and worry-free shopping experience. We provide not just the product but an entire shopping experience.

Build Confidence with Us

Beauty starts with a smile and smile comes from within only when you are confident!

Have you ever felt guilty about your sexual requirement? Felt like why on earth you want so much sex or no sex at all? The truth is, people conceive a bagful of conflicting ideas about sex toy India. But, it is a proven fact that you can change how you feel about your sex life and body by experimenting with sex toys. We are one of the finest sex toy shops India from where you can pick your favorites and order them online. Your wait is over. Jump-start your confidence with our sex toys India.

Toast to your health   

No Fear of Commitment… No Fear of STDs

Do you know using adult toys can help you get rid of headaches and pain? When you experience orgasm, your brain fills your body with endorphins, which not just make you feel refreshed, but also numb pain sensors. Due to this reason, adult online shopping India is escalating day by day. The demand of a sex toy in Chennai has doubled up because people have started realizing that sex toy for men and women are much safer than actual sex. You cannot get pregnant, no tensions of contacting with STD and no commitments attached. However, you should clean them properly after every use.

To buy sex toy in Kolkata and Chennai, do visit our e-portal that stuffs endless selection of sexual wellness items.

People across India are ready to be accountable for their own sexual urges

Men and women across the country share similar attitudes. They want to spend more “happy-me” time and self-pleasure themselves than pleasuring their partner. They believe sex is happier when it becomes more about “getting” and not “giving”.  So, what’s a better way than finding your eye candy from an online adult store India and embark on the journey of self-discovery. Fanta Sex Toys will be your all-time assistance.

In case you are unsure about your first time use, count on dildo in India and vibrators in India as they are the hot favorites among first time users.

Here is what some of our customers say about us

#Fanta Sex Toys is the best among the lot when you are looking to purchase G string vibrator, sexy lingerie, soft cuffs and other sex toy in Delhi.

#Oh my god! I never knew so many things existed before I visited the site. Their collection is endless.

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There are many happy customers who are extremely happy with our product and delivery service. We haven’t revealed the identities because confidentiality of your customers is our topmost priority.

Ending note…

We began as a virtual adult toy store in the market where it is still considered a taboo. Our journey was not an easy one. But, continuous love, support and demand from you have kept us going, overcoming all obstacles. We try to come up with new offerings from time to time that are fabricated carefully with technological brilliance and high quality materials. Each product is intended for pleasure, entertainment and well-being of your customers. This is just to let you know that we are not selling anything illegal. There is no law in India that states using and selling of sexual wellness items is illegal. Thus, when you check in to our website, shop with confidence because you are not committing any crime. You are just trying to be self-reliant with your sexual needs. Is that bad? Is that affecting the society? Not really!

One promise to our customers – We will continue to expand as we keep on exploring the never-ending ideas associated with the world of fantasy, romance and temptation.

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